Concord University shares new classroom protocols

ATHENS, WV (WOAY) – COVID-19 restrictions are changing how higher education is operating inside the classrooms. 

This year at Concord University students can expect a new way of learning. During in-person instruction, students will be seated six feet apart in classrooms and required to wear masks. 

“We are going to be perhaps a little harsher than usual in terms of enforcing the guidelines and our student code of conduct to make sure students stay safe,” said Vice President of Student Affairs, Sarah Beasly. 

Professors at Concord University are utilizing tools like Zoom and Blackboard so that all students are not physically present at the same time. All of Concord classes will either be Hybrid or completely online. Hybrid is a combination of in-person and online learning. 

“All of our classes are not at full capacity so the student is six feet apart in the classroom as well so they wouldn’t be considered close contact with anyone else,” said Beasley. 

The safety measures are not just limited to the classrooms. The university has removed chairs and tables in the cafeteria to ensure students remain to spread out. The college is also asking students who live on campus to wear masks in the resident hall until they enter their dorms. 

“We trying to do as much as possible, we’re asking our students to be responsible,” said Beasly.

Beasly says the university will offer COVID-19 testing in the Student Medical Center throughout the semester.

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