Concord University hoping for a return to normalcy this fall

ATHENS, WV (WOAY) – Students at Concord University can soon look forward to a return to normalcy.

After a long year full of COVID-19 precautions, Concord believes they’re finally ready to get back to normal, and potentially even get rid of masks. 

“The rate of infection is way down statewide,” University President Dr. Boggess said. “The governor has told us that by June 20 masks will not be required, and people are just ready not to wear them.”

Through contact tracing, which is when those who were nearby someone who tested positive for COVID-19 gets notified, Concord noticed that not a single infection on their campus came from a classroom.

Instead, they’re hoping people choose to stay safe after classes let out.

“The classrooms are safe, what isn’t safe is what people are doing outside the classrooms, and so that becomes the issue.”

Throughout the past year, they’ve gone through many COVID precautions. They bought plexiglass shields for every classroom, marked floors, socially distanced classrooms and much more. And they’re finally ready to get things back to normal. 

“I think people are really excited to get back. We’ve had a lot of time to look over everything we’ve done in the past year, and now we’re ready to move forward.”

Concord has also stated that mask use will likely be on the honor system, as they don’t want to have students show proof of vaccinations.

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