CommunityWorks in West Virginia open center for housing assistance services

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Buying a home amidst the pandemic may seem like a difficult task. However, a local nonprofit is helping change that. 

CommunityWorks based in Charleston has been helping people statewide in financial crises since 1991. At the start of the pandemic, the organization opened a new homeownership center geared towards moderate to low income households. The nonprofit describes itself as a “one-stop shop” to help people find homes they can afford.

“As a housing counselor my job is to prepare you to be a homeowner. To give you tools that you’re going to need to be able to get your debt down, create a saving, and create budgeting techniques,” Housing Counselor Lakeisha Lloyd said. 

Lloyd says high student debt has hindered Millennials from purchasing homes. Lloyd says with the counseling program, she can help clients come up with a budget plan and get them on the right path to obtaining better credit.    

“There are programs to be able to help to get some of that student debt paid off.” 

Community Works also provides rehabilitation loans to repair homes so they are in good living conditions. Lloyd says the Home ownership program is an ideal program for home buyers with low savings because all fees are rolled into the loan. The only upfront fee is a $32 credit report and a $25 per session counselling fee. 

“If you do have things that need to be fixed around the home that are major work but don’t have the money,” she said. 

For more information about the Home Ownership Center and its services, contact Denise Cosby at 681-265-1656 or

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