Commission President stems concerns over poll workers ahead of elections

GREENBRIER COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – With election season approaching, there’s been some concern in Greenbrier County over securing poll workers.

The poll workers for elections in Greenbrier County are selected from an approved list that both the Republican and Democratic executive committees submit. There’s been a slight delay in acquiring enough candidates on each side.

“The Republican executive committee did with 13 alternates,” said Greenbrier County Commission President Lowell Rose. “The Democratic executive committee had trouble coming up with enough workers that they had been able to contact.”

The responsibility for securing the remaining candidates fell to County Clerk Robin Loudermilk. She’s been able to contact former workers that the executive committee struggled to get in touch with.

“To work the Democrat or the Republican, they either have to be a Democrat or a Republican,” Rose said. “They can also be no party affiliation, or independent. She’s had several people that were no party affiliations and independent to come forth and say, ‘if you need me, I’ll work.'”

The list of Republican poll workers has been approved, as has the shorter list of submitted Democratic workers.

“We approved the poll workers that were presented by the Democratic executive committee,” Rose said. “At our subsequent meeting, we’ll approve the ballots of the poll workers for the Democratic slate.”

Rose is confident that the poll workers on each side will be fully confirmed before voting begins for the general elections.

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