Coda Mountain Academy welcomes ‘The 5 Love Languages’ Author Dr. Gary Chapman back to Fayette County

Coda Mountain Academy welcomes back best-selling author Dr. Gary Chapman, of The 5 Love Languages — whose passion for people has helped so many form lasting relationships.

“His materials, his writings, his discoveries are really groundbreaking in relational work and have actually changed people’s lives,” said Coda Mountain Academy executive director Esther Morey. “Workplaces that have become non-toxic, so many marriages that have been saved, and children/parent relationships that have improved. So, ya know when it works; it sells.”

You can catch Chapman, who has sold more than 20 million copies of his famed book (and now has some 60 other books) at the New River Convention Center on Oct. 17. Morey says come 45 minutes early to be pampered — with their best musicians playing string music while they serve hors d’oeuvres.

“And then get to hear Dr. Chapman talk about things that really matter to all of us,” Morey said. “What matters more than relationships… what affects the quality of our life, core of our peace more than relationships.”

She says we spend much time seeking entertainment and endlessly being on digital devices to numb the pain… of these dysfunctional relationships. We need to get better but don’t know how. She thinks this event with the authentic Chapman brings hope.

“Sometimes we get in these vicious cycles and we think we’ve tried everything but then someone breaks us out,” the executive director said. “So we’re super honored that he would come to Fayette County and that we can offer this to this community. Why not spend an evening doing something that actually’ll make a difference.”

New River Convention Center
487 Mall Rd., Oak Hill
5:45pm music and hors d’oeuvres
Chapman speaks at 6:30pm

Tickets for any donation amount

Tickets for the Chapman event can also be reserved at
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