Clearing out today, mostly dry through Friday

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): Happy Thursday everyone! Today we are looking at morning fog and low clouds for many locations. This is due to all the rain that fell yesterday- as the rain evaporates, it condenses and turns into a cloud on the ground. The fog and clouds should clear out by mid-morning.

Rain chances are fairly minimal for you today, although non-zero. However, once you see the clear skies today, I think it will be difficult to get any more rain. We’ll stay mostly dry today and tomorrow, before a stormy Saturday afternoon. Sunday looks fairly rainy as well, but chances are lower than Saturday.

Temperatures over the coming days stay right or jut above average. We should be at 80 degrees, but we could have some locations a warm little above that. By the weekend, we will have another hot day, mixed with humidities, which could make it feel a bit uncomfortable. Remember, drink your water, stay cool, and check in on your friends and family when it gets hot and humid. Take care!

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