City of Welch looking to fund bridge project

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – The City of Welch is still working on a project to build a bridge over a notorious flooding spot. 

The city has two underpasses that bypass train tracks near their downtown, but the underpass floods consistently during heavy rains. This is especially problematic because going through the underpass is the only way to get to the nearby hospital.

Welch’s mayor Harold McBride says they have plans to contact the state for funding of a bridge that instead goes over the underpass.

“The state has some ideas to replace a couple of bridges that go over to our parking lot. We’re going to try to convince them to use that for our main corridor. We think it’s more important. It’s about lives out here rather than just parking over there,” McBride said. 

There’s no official timeline for the bridge’s construction, but the city hopes to acquire funding for it soon. 

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