Churches celebrate Mother’s Day in creative means to stay safe amid pandemic

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Churches everywhere held services in creative ways to celebrate the holiday. 

Religious entities were given the go ahead to start inside services last week as long as they followed safety guidelines from the governor, but many are still opting for drive-in services to stay safe.

The Crossroads Church in Princeton for instance decided to hold a drive-in service to celebrate Mother’s Day. Pastor Travis Lowe says celebrating mother’s day is important, especially during this difficult time. 

“We just wanted moms to feel loved. To know that they are seen, they are cared for. And our whole message today was just to speak a blessing of your moms,” Lowe said.

Many churches have been holding drive-in services for a few months now, but starting this past week they were able to congregate inside again with some restrictions. However, Lowe believes it’s best for churches to take their time and play it safe. 

“We’re just planning to take our time. I know that today was the first day in West Virginia that you could begin holding services, but we said we just wanted to slowly walk back into that. Because we want to see how the numbers are looking and we want to make sure that we’re going above and beyond to keep our people safe.”

Typically the Crossroads Church doesn’t do drive-in services, and instead sticks to live streams to keep things simple, but they decided to set up the drive-in service for the holiday. To Travis’s wife and fellow church member Jessie Lowe, the drive-in service was a breath of fresh air. 

“This year it was so much more exciting because we haven’t seen each other in a while. And it was just such a blessing to see the smiling faces and to share in this time together. It just felt extra special this year,” Jessie said.

And according to Jessie, mother’s day is an especially important day to remember right now, and that anyone is able to celebrate it no matter their situation. 

“Even if your mother’s not with you anymore, to remember that she was and she loved you, or to love somebody else that has been like a mother to you. Just any excuse to love is always a good thing, especially right now.”

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