Cathedral Cafe added family-sized dinner options to their menu amid pandemic

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Local Fayetteville diner, Cathedral Cafe has added new family-sized dinner options to their menu to give families more eating out options during this pandemic.

Cathedral café owner Wendy Bayes has added a special dinner menu option for take-out during the pandemic. The popular café is known for its breakfast and lunch but is now selling family-sized dinners.

“When the order went into affected we decided that we were going to start doing family-style dinners. Because people still have to work, the healthcare workers are working such long hours. We thought well let’s do this for them so they can just pick it up on their way home,” said Bayes.

Bayes says the family sized-dinners will have something for everyone and can feed over 8 people.

“It’s basically my moms and grandmas recipes, everyone one from Eastern Ohio, you know carbs on carbs, some comfort food. We have some Keto-friendly dishes as well. We just keep trying to do different stuff all the time,” said Bayes.

The family-sized dinners are a temporary addition to the menu.

“We might roll back into dinner sometime, and this is absolutely is something, if well received and given enough notice we might be able to figure out a way to do this in the future.”

For the entire dinner menu contact Cathedral Cafe at 304-574-0202.

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