Career fair held for elementary school students at Fayetteville PK-8

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – An event organized by the Student Support Team, around 600 kids attended a career fair at Fayetteville PK-8.

It was held for all of the students in Pre-K up to the 6th grade.

Around 25 different community members and organizations were also in attendance, and they set up booths at the event. Anyone from law enforcement to city council members, among others, got to talk to the students about their chosen career paths, with the goal to get the kids inspired.

“Research shows that introducing careers early on in kids’ lives gives them the opportunity and the knowledge to see that there are lots of opportunities out there,” a school counselor at Fayetteville PK-8, Adriane Heatherly says.

“There were people over there who were hair stylists and I thought that was really cool,” says a 6th grader at Fayetteville PK-8, Reagan Calloway.

This was the first year the elementary school was able to host the career fair since Covid hit.

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