Cantrell Ultimate Rafting hosts fundraiser for Secret Sandwich Society

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Cantrell Ultimate Rafting held a fundraiser for Secret Sandwich Society.

After the devastating fire that destroyed the iconic Secret Sandwich Society, local businesses from around the community have rallied to show their support. Most recently, Cantrell Ultimate Rafting held a fundraiser with live music, games and local vendors. One of the organizers, Gary Vaughan, says it was put together in just a few days. 

“They’re amazing to our community. They’re constantly doing something for everyone and it was their turn to get something back to them. It all happened so fast, within a few days we had this organized,” Vaughan said

The event also had a silent auction to help raise money as well as raffles. Tiffany Barrs with Canyon Rim Gifts helped organize with local vendors, and multiple showed up selling products at the fundraiser. Proceeds from their sales went to Secret Sandwich Society. 

“It’s to show that we’re all sticking together. We’re not going to let anything take us down, because small businesses have to stick together,” Barrs said. 

Owner of Secret Sandwich Society Lewis Rhinehart attended the fundraiser, and said it’s been an incredible experience seeing so many people come out to support his staff during this troubling time. He plans to take all the donations he’s received and give it to his staff. 

“There’s a Go Fund Me out there, there’s this event happening. So once we get a final number of all the money, I’m just going to divide it evenly between the staff. It’s just been a huge outpouring of support, and it’s very humbling,” Rhinehart said.

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