Cafe operates makeshift grocery store to help citizens cope with under-stocked supermarkets

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Cathedral Cafe in Fayetteville has been operating as a pseudo-grocery store during the pandemic. 

As grocery stores continue to run out of stock due to panic buying, the cafe has decided to sell what basic stock they have for their restaurant as groceries. Wendy Bayes, the owner of Cathedral Cafe, says that their business will continue to operate during the governor’s stay at home order.

“He said that food, providing food for your family, medical appointments and medical supplies are all open and considered an essential business. So until we are told that we need to shut down as a grocery or shut down and not do take out service, we are gonna continue to do that with just additional precautions,” Bayes said.  

The cafe continues to provide their take out service as well to those that want it. 

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