‘Build the Hill’ holds Community Champions Luncheon

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – ‘Build the Hill’ kicked off its Community Champions Luncheon.

Each participant talked about the good work they’re doing and heard what other community-minded folks are up to.

They hope the champions luncheon is the first of quarterly events as Oak Hill has a lot going on to benefit the community now and in the future.

“We’re working hard to support our various groups and civic organizations that operate within Oak Hill,” said economic development director Alison Ibarra. “We want to make sure that everybody’s together, aware of each other and aware of other resources — and we can support each other to continue to build our community.”

Ibarra says this type of event is important – calling Oak Hill a community where a rising tide raises all ships. From affordable homes to recreation opportunities…

“And infrastructure projects and we’re getting ready to renew our comprehensive plan this year,” the economic development director said. “So it’s a perfect time for community feedback.”

The lunch meeting was about getting to know one’s business neighbor.

“The goal is to break down silos when it comes to our civic groups, community orgs and churches, etc. in our community,” said Ibarra.

Stay tuned for a new community engagement platform (Mindmixer) coming to the city of Oak Hill. Check it out and provide your information, as they don’t do anything anonymously.

“We’re building a platform in conjunction with the NRGRDA and the West Virginia Community Development Hub to be able to foster online communication,” Ibarra said. “So even if you can’t make a specific meeting, you still have a chance to be informed and let your voice get heard on this platform. You go there, sign up and plug into your community digitally. Yeah, I’m excited.”

















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