Broadway performer to assist Bluefield University students in “Broadway at Bluefield”

BLUEFIELD, VA (WOAY) – Broadway at Bluefield is a recurring musical theatre showcase at Bluefield University. It invites music and theater students to practice their skills and get on stage. 

This year’s performance is bringing Broadway performer Shaun Moe. He’ll be helping the students during rehearsals and engaging with the performance. He’s visited Bluefield University many times and is excited to work with the students once again.

“I very much enjoy working with younger actors and younger performers because so many people had provided such opportunities for me when I was a young performer,” Moe said.

Shaun Moe is a touring show performer. He’s worked in many Broadway performances, including Crazy for You, Oklahoma!, and more.

This is the fourth season Moe has returned to Bluefield. Students at the University will get the chance to experience the stage with an established professional and learn more about the artform. 

According to Dr. John Moir, the Director of Choirs and Voice at Bluefield University, this is a great opportunity for the students, especially considering the hiatus their theatre program had to take during the pandemic.

“With COVID we couldn’t do anything,” Moir said. “We couldn’t do music. This time now with people coming in the audience we’re able to do what live theater and live music can only do, and that is to enable an audience to feed off of us and then we feed off of their energy and make a synergy.”

As well, this year’s performance is slightly different. They’ll be inviting local high school students from Graham High school and Mercer Christian Academy to participate in the show as well, which they say will give the younger students a great early experience with performing. 

Broadway at Bluefield will take place this Friday, November 12th at 7:30pm in Bluefield University’s Harmon Chapel.

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