Bread of Life Outreach Center stepping up during COVID-19

SUNDIAL, WV (WOAY) – A food distribution center has been making a difference for a community that needs it.

The Bread of Life Outreach Center was a closed building six years ago. After the building was revamped and the kitchen was completely remodeled, it’s now serving meals to low income community members around Sundial.

“The first Saturday that we did it, we had 51 meals served,” said Bread of Life Outreach Center Executive Director Pastor John Buchanan. “Now, we’re up to over 400 every Saturday that we serve here. It’s all drive-through. Because of the COVID situation, nobody comes indoors, and we have a drive up window.”

Bread of Life is staffed entirely of volunteers. They have given their time and effort to try to provide for those who have had to prioritize with basic needs in the past.

“We want to put hope in hopeless situations,” Buchanan said. “We want to extend love where there may not be any. And we want to be a group in this community and in this area that people can know they can get a warm meal, they can get a box of food if they need it.”

The appreciation and recognition from those that Bread of Life serve puts everything that it’s doing into perspective.

“It’ just amazing,” Buchanan said. “They love them. It’s such a joy to them. You know, if we would go purchase it, it would be just a small purchase for us at the store. To them, that’s something else that they don’t have to buy. If you could just see how much they appreciate it, it makes everything worth while.”

The staff is looking to expand the physical reach of Bread of Life, but the emotional reach is already tough to put into words.

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