Bluefield Public Works Division preparing for winter maintenance

BLUEFIELD, WV (WOAY) – With winter weather on the horizon, the city of Bluefield is getting ready to maintain public areas.

The process is already underway. The Public Works Division has its eye on the winter season, including getting equipment ready for snowfall.

“Our salt has been pre-positioned,” said Bluefield City Manager Dane Rideout. “We have to buy that a year out. So that’s all been prepositioned. We saw a little bit of the white stuff today. That means we’re going to start pulling up speed humps and prepping the equipment for snow removal.”

The transition from summer and fall maintenance to winter begins well before the coldest portion of the year.

“Leaf removal is what we’re high in gear right now doing,” Rideout said. “That’s in accordance with our MS4 permit that allows us to do that. The next phase is snow removal. That’s why we’re still doing garbage. That’s why we’re still trying to finish up the last pot holes. We still have paving projects going on.”

Bluefield citizens can be assured that the public works division is working to meet all needs despite managing multiple tasks.

“What’s you’re seeing right now is folks continuing to move from seasonal change to seasonal change,” Rideout said. “We’re also leaning forward with mother nature. Right now, with winter on the horizon, that’s our focus.”

Despite the weather getting cooler, the public works division has no plans in dropping its efforts in preparing for the winter season.

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