Big 12 announces game policies for fall 2021

WOAY – The Big 12 Conference announced its new policies Tuesday for any conference games (in all sports) affected by COVID-19.

According to the new policy, there will be no make-ups if a team is unable to field enough players for a league game, whether the reason is COVID-related or not. Instead, the team without enough players will be given a forfeit loss in the standings, while the other school will be given a win by forfeit. In the event neither team has enough student-athletes, the game in question will be declared a no contest.

West Virginia football had one game originally postponed in the 2020 season – against Oklahoma – due to the Sooners not having enough. That game was moved to December at first, but was then ultimately canceled. Under the new policy, if that exact same scenario occurs ahead of the Mountaineers-Sooners game, WVU would be given the forfeit win.

West Virginia football travels to Oklahoma for the Big 12 opener on September 25.

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