Beckley’s “Project Mountaineer” off to a successful start

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – It’s all there on the website.

In September, the city of Beckley completed deployment of Project Mountaineer. This service, offered by the State Auditors Office, provides updated financial information for Beckley in real time.

Several weeks in to the project, there are still some aspects that are improving.

“One of the things we really want as the website evolves is a counter that shows how many people actually look at the website,” said Beckley Reporter/Treasurer Billie Trump. “That’s not been available yet. We want to make sure that it’s secure, so we’ve worked through some security issues.”

The State Auditor’s Office has been essential in making Beckley’s information compliant with Project Mountaineer.

“Our accounting system had to be compatible with the state, so it could be uploaded,” Trump said. “Once we overcame making that connection, as our accounting system comes up with the final numbers for every month, they’re automatically, seamlessly, uploaded to the site.”

Above all else, one of the major goals for Project Mountaineer remains to present a clear representation of Beckley’s financial situation to its residents.

“‘Transparency’ is one of the by words that people want to know,” Trump said. “It’s the people’s money. All of the taxes that are collected, all of the fees that are collected, are essentially provided by the citizens to provide the services that Beckley provides.”

Heading into 2021, Beckley’s financial situation is looking promising, made all the more clear by its adaptation of Project Mountaineer.

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