Beckley Veterans Center performs community outreach in Fayette County

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Beckley Veterans Center performed some community outreach in Fayetteville. 

Each week the Veterans Center sets up a remote stop in a local community, trying to let veterans know about the services they offer. They offer readjustment counseling to help veterans transition from military to civilian life.

According to Anthony Thomas, an outreach specialist with the vet center, all their services are free.

“Everything that we offer for veterans is free, no charge. So we like to get the information out. We have same day services; if they need counseling, they don’t have to wait. So we look forward to reaching out to veterans in the community. And if they need any services, they can just give us a call,” Thomas said.

The Vet Center program was established in 1979 to primarily help with reconditioning of Vietnam War veterans, but now services veterans of later conflicts as well. 

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