Beckley restaurant tailors business to customers amid COVID-19

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – A Beckley mom and pop restaurant has been taking extra steps to stay in business and keep its customers safe amid COVID-19.

Local restaurants have had to adjust on the fly in order to survive during the pandemic. Sweetz da Snackery in Beckley has done so by making its operation as smooth as possible for its customers.

“We order lunch from here at least three times a week,” said Sweetz da Snackery customer Patty Areheart. “Awesome food, some of the best food you’ll get in Beckley. They’re very clean. Have never gotten anything bad here. They wear a mask. They’re very clean.”

Part of what continues to make Sweetz da Snackery appealing to locals is the natural feel that they get when they order, even for take out.

“There are no mom-and-pop place left,” Areheart said. “You know, you can’t just get good food. You get fast food, but you can’t get homemade food. And this homemade food cannot be beat.”

Sweetz da Snackery has also worked to ensure that its customers know advanced safety measures are being taken as their food is being prepared.

“You do feel safe,” Areheart said. “I mean, they have hand sanitizers, they wear masks. They clean before they open their business up. You can watch them make your food if you want. I have never got anything that was not good here.”

As COVID-19 trudges on, so does Sweetz da Snackery, both in remaining open, as well as staying safe.

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