Beckley Police Department warns of post Super Bowl drunk driving

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner the Beckley police department cautions drivers about driving drunk.

The police are not expecting the large crowds at the bars due to the pandemic, but they do suspect at home get togethers. The police department recommends having a designated driver if you plan on drinking. Officers warn that driving buzzed is just as dangerous as driving drunk and should be avoid as well.

“People think they can have four or five beers, ‘oh I’m fine I’m not drunk,’ when in actuality you are intoxicated,” said Lt. Jason McDaniel with the Beckley Police Department. “You think, oh no I’m totally fine, you may push the accelerator a little further because your just feeling good and get into an actual much worse accident then you would if you knew you were drunk.”

Beckley PD will have DUI patrols out this weekend.

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