Beckley honors the fallen on Memorial Day

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Kathy Farley was just 12 when her beloved brother Benny Halstead was killed in action in Vietnam in 1970.

She says Memorial Day is important and we don’t honor it as we should.

“This is a day to remember our soldiers that didn’t come home or our soldiers who were wounded and disabled,” said Farley.

One day just does not seem like enough to show gratitude to all those who sacrificed so much.

Beckley honored our fallen with a morning ceremony at Word Park — a few classic cars lined up, then cruised to the Wildwood area, where they looked for veterans’ graves to put flags on at the cemetery there.

“Mia Bailey sang the national anthem, and God Bless America,” said Director of Beckley Events Jill Moorefield. “We had the pledge of allegiance; we talked about the history of Memorial Day.”

Farley says her brother Benny is deeply missed, and even though he’s been gone longer than she knew him — he made a lifelong impression on her.

“He was just a jolly fella,” she said. “Everybody loved him because he was a jokester.”

It may be the kickoff to summer — but Memorial Day means so much to Kathy and so many.

“It’s important that we remember what the holiday was intended for,” Moorefield said. “And it is to honor our fallen heroes for our freedom.”

Farley’s uncle, who was in the Army asked to be Benny’s escort and brought his body back from Germany (shipped from Vietnam).

“Now, he did get to see my brother. And years later, when it was not quite as emotional he could talk about it,” she said.

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