Beckley community gathers for annual September 11th memorial commemoration

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Volunteers and representatives from around the Beckley community gathered this morning at Word Park for a September 11th memorial.

There was a feeling of togetherness and reflection this morning at the Trade Tower Memorial. While this year’s event was on a lower scale than usual due to the pandemic, its significance remained as high as ever.

“It was good. This year it was a little bit smaller,” said Beckley Fire Levy Coordinator Kevin Price. “Usually, we’ve got choirs singing and a little bit broader of a ceremony. But it was good to have everybody here to show their support.”

Local first responders will also on hand to pay their respects for those who risked their lives that day.

“9/11 is absolutely a solemn day for every first responder, policeman, fireman, EMT’s, all volunteers that work that day,” said Beckley Police Department Chief Deputy Jake Corey. “Definitely something that people are around will never forget. It’s definitely a sad day. It is for me personally.

On a difficult day during a difficult time, Price emphasized how unity makes 9/11 such an important symbol in the United States.

“This was an event that not only brought our country together, but it also brought our world together,” Price said. “For the longest time, in the days after, the world mourned with us. We weren’t black, we weren’t white. We weren’t Republican. We weren’t Democrat. We weren’t American. We weren’t Russian, Chinese, anything. We weren’t human.”

The annual Parade of Lights will be held in Raleigh County tonight to continue revealing the importance of what today means to so many.

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