Attorney General Patrick Morrisey shares how to avoid getting scammed

Scammers abound everywhere nowadays — and nothing is off limits. But as summer winds down and we enjoy that last bit of sun, sand, surf and fun — beware of getting duped.

“A lot of people might want to get out to the state parks, or visit some of our neighboring states. The weather is beautiful, especially this time of year,” said Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. “When you do that, make sure that you’re prepared.”

Definitely be wary of anyone who suddenly messages asking for your personal identifiable information. Phishing scams have gotten so good they often look real.

“They might insist on using prepaid debit cards or sending cash in advance,” Morrissey said. “Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable source.”

That’s crucial… the attorney general said if you have any questions, call his office at (304) 558-2021.

“Make sure you know the good from the bad on the Internet and even then, be careful,” he said.

Check your bank accounts, check your credit card accounts.

“Along the way to make sure there aren’t any unknown charges or surprise billings,” said the attorney general.

Then you can rest a little easier knowing you put Morrissey’s suggestions into place.

“If you have these kinds of experiences, and you take the right precautions, you’re gonna have a heck of good vacation — and I hope you do have one,” the attorney general said.

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