As vaccination efforts ramp up in Fayette County, the 12-15 age group could begin receiving shots Thursday

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Fayette County is ramping up its vaccination efforts as the state struggles to use its full supply.

Dr. Lewis Cook volunteers every week to administer shots at vaccination clinics and says it’s vital for the county to continue to get shots in arms.

“It not only serves the individual to protect them, it serves all of us to protect us all,” Cook said.

The FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine for the 12-15 year old age group. With four vaccination events scheduled in Fayette County this week alone, health officials hope that being able to vaccinate that age range will get more eligible community members to these events.

“The data on that looked very promising,” said Fayette County Health Officer Dr. Anita Stewart. “100% effectiveness in the group that was vaccinated versus the placebo group.”

As of Tuesday morning, Fayette County currently has 44% of its 16 and over population fully vaccinated. Cook feels that making clinics more accessible to Fayette County residents is essential for that number to increase.

“We’re doing more and more outreach programs in the county to try to get out into areas,” Cook said. “Maybe get the people who don’t have transportation, for example.”

Fayette County is almost halfway to a vaccination rate that would be considered herd immunity. Widening the age range is crucial to get there, but so is doing everything possible to get the entire eligible population vaccinated.

“We really need to improve those numbers to keep our community safe,” Stewart said.

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