Area resident responds to yesterday’s flash flooding as a result of punctured mine, says it’s nothing new

PAGE-KINCAID, WV (WOAY) – Here in Page-Kincaid, the clean-up process has begun after an old mine punctured yesterday, causing an immense amount of water.

“The coal company I guess drilled into the old mine or something, and we had an extreme amount of high water that came down, and then about an hour later it came again as if something busted or something else happened, but there were two surges of it,” says local resident of the area, Denny Miller.

Now, the mud that was left behind from the leak was the next issue. The mining company spent the day afterward cleaning it up off of the roads and parking lots.

But, Miller says that this isn’t the first time severe flooding there has been an issue, what happened yesterday only heightened the problem.

“Anytime we have an extremely hard rain or anything, there’s a little bridge up here, the water goes under it, into a little culvert in the creek, the culvert which is smaller than the bridge can only carry so much, so the original creek bank they don’t clean it anymore, it’s full of brush and all, and the water can’t get through here forcing it out into the road,” he says.

Miller said that he and another area resident try to keep the lower end of the creek as clean as possible to help mitigate the flooding. However, he thinks that something more can be done to help resolve the issue.

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