April 11 gives honor to pets

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – National Pet Day is upon us, a day to honor and give thanks to our dogs, cats, and all of the beloved pets that bring us joy. April 11 was deemed National Pet Day back in 2006, not only to celebrate them but to bring awareness to the importance of adopting them and providing them with a forever home.

“I would definitely encourage you to adopt a pet, but if you don’t want to adopt one you could always foster one and try that first. I think you would find that you will have an immediate connection, and they just become a part of your family, and you just can’t imagine not having a pet,” says Lorie Ward, a volunteer at The New River Humane Society.

And if you are interested in adopting a pet, you can call the New River Humane Society at (304)574-3682.

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