Ansted’s Cryptid Crawl was a blast

The town of Ansted had a scavenger hunt… focusing on some mythical creatures from West Virginia.

It’s called a Cryptid Crawl. The goal was to find all nine medallions throughout town featuring different cryptids, including Mothman.

You got a punch card at town hall, and each medallion had a hole puncher you could mark your card with. Once you returned your card, you were entered in a drawing with three cash prizes.

“Everyone started talking about Mothman. And we thought, I wonder if we can build on this,” said municipal clerk Patricia Breeden. “So we researched different cryptids and we actually had help from the middle school students at Midland Trail. They helped us do informational posters that’s on the back of each medallion, and it tells the history of each cryptid.”

Folks could do it with their families and friends, Breeden said at the time.

“It’s a great time with the weather being so beautiful and holidays are coming up, a lot of people are coming into town,” the municipal clerk said. “So we’re hoping it’s really going to draw people to Ansted.”

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