New landmark coming to Alderson, clock will replace original that burned

ALDERSON, WV (WOAY) – The town of Alderson has a rich history as it was once featured in National Geographic, where you can see their town clock in the background.

However, that 40-year-old clock then perished as a fire encased the C.D. Hanger Jewelry store where it was mounted. But now, locals say a new clock to place the old landmark will be a staple for economic development.

Alderson resident and volunteer Stacy Eskins spoke more on the topic. “You want to see your town grow. So, if there are any positive additions we can do to make it a more tourist attraction.”

Using the new town clock to bring back memories for many in the community, the location will be in the same exact place as the original.

Main Street president Judy Lohmeyer said, “It’s really created a lot of community excitement and joining together. Remembering, there’s always been a lot of people remembering, ‘Oh, I remember the clock, do you remember what was next door and what was across the street?’ So it’s touched everyone.”

So far, the town of Alderson has been shown a tremendous amount of help from residents while fundraising for a new attraction in a small town.

“Town clocks around the U.S. are just a staple for downtowns, which centers the downtown community, a sense of pride in the community.” Eskins said, “So if there was any way to bring that back, I knew that we would have community support.”

The new clock is said to have vintage characteristics to add more beauty to the community.

The clock is expected to be up by the first snowfall, as they only have $2,000 out of the $15,000 left to raise.

Time is ticking! You can help raise money for the new landmark here:

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