Alderson cancels 59th annual Fourth of July celebration

ALDERSON, WV (WOAY) – The 59th Annual Fourth of July Celebration in Alderson has been canceled due to COVID-19 and financial woes.

The Mayor of Alderson, Travis L. Copenhaver, says in part, “This was not an easy decision, nor was it simply made due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Many things factor into the planning and presentation of the “Largest Fourth of July Celebration” in the state. The Fourth of July Committee (comprised fully of volunteers) works on this celebration year-round.

In order to even have fireworks, it takes over $10,000 just for fireworks. That doesn’t count hundreds of volunteer hours putting them together. There is no way to social distance and put them together or allow spectators to watch them.

Financially, the bulk of the festival relies on Duck ticket sales, grants, and management of the committee funds as they are raised. Folks, we are in tough financial times as a country. How can we ask a business that is barely hanging on to donate a dime?

Individuals don’t have the extra money to hand out to the vendors, for Duck tickets, and to even travel. One family, just yesterday who never misses, saw their air tickets increase over $200 due to waiting to purchase them to come based on not knowing whether the celebration would be canceled.

This decision was not made by anyone person alone. The Committee rightly decided that the safety of our people who put on the festival, the citizens who live here, and those who come from out of the area should not be jeopardized as well.”

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