Alabama Senator Katie Britt delivers state of the union response, focuses on family perspective

MONTGOMERY, AL (WOAY) – Speaking just minutes after President Biden wrapped up his State of the Union address from the floor of the House of Representatives, Katie Britt, the first-term senator from Alabama, gave the Republican response from a very different location: her family kitchen table.

The location matched the theme: Britt attempted to frame the issues from a family perspective, saying that the future of the nation is a “tough conversation” America needs to have as a family.

“I wish [Biden] understood what real families are facing around kitchen tables just like this. This is where our family has tough conversations and where we make hard decisions. It’s where we share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our days. It’s where we laugh together. It’s where we hold each other’s hands and pray for God’s guidance,” Britt said. “The country we know and love seems to be slipping away. It feels like the next generation will have fewer opportunities — and less freedom — than we did. I worry my own children may not even get a shot at living their American Dreams.”

Britt argued that President Biden is out of touch: out of touch with problems ordinary American families are facing, out of touch with issues at the border, and out of touch with crime in communities.

“One thing was clear: President Biden just doesn’t get it. He’s out of touch. Under his administration, families are worse off. Our communities are less safe, and our country is less secure,” Britt said.

Like Biden, Britt spoke about the murder of an Augusta University student, allegedly at the hands of a Venezuelan migrant.

She said that he failed to take any responsibility for her death in his address.

Britt said that the economy is still not working for average Americans, citing inflation and increasing credit card debt.

Further, she argued that American communities are “not safer,” disputing Biden’s argument that he is reducing crime.

“For years, the left has coddled criminals and defunded the police — all while letting repeat offenders walk free,” Britt said. “The result is tragic but foreseeable — from our small towns to America’s most iconic city streets, life is getting more and more dangerous.”

She also said that world leaders do not respect America, President Biden, and his administration.

Roughly halfway through, she pivoted to present the Republican perspective for the future.

“Here’s the good news: we the People are still in the driver’s seat. We get to decide whether our future will grow brighter, or whether we settle for an America in decline. Well, I know which choice our children deserve — and the choice the Republican Party is fighting for,” Britt said.

Further, she said that she supports invitro fertilization, which recently was met with legal challenges in her home state of Alabama. Today, the governor of the state signed a bill into law to protect IVF procedures in the state.

Britt said both she and the Republican party support fertilization efforts, after Biden hit Republicans over reproductive rights.

“We are the Party of hardworking parents and families. We want to give you and your children the opportunities to thrive — and we want families to grow. It’s why we strongly support continued nationwide access to invitro fertilization. We want to help loving moms and dads bring precious life into this world,” Britt said.

Britt concluded her remarks, making a direct appeal to families across the country.

“I want to make a direct appeal to the parents out there — and in particular, to my fellow moms. Many of whom will be tossing and turning at 2 a.m. wondering how they are going to be three places at once tomorrow and somehow still get dinner on the table,” Britt said. “Americans don’t just have a rendezvous with destiny — we take destiny’s hand, and we lead it. Our future starts around kitchen tables just like this. With moms and dads just like you.

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