AFT-Fayette survey shows concerns with school re-entry

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County American Federation of Teachers (AFT) surveyed parents, school employees, and community members on the current school re-entry plan.

The purpose of the survey was to gauge how confident the community is in the school’s plan. Of the 900 survey participants, 69% do not feel comfortable sending students back to in-person learning on Thursday. Additionally, 63% of respondents had little to no confidence that the revised metric released yesterday adequately reflects re-entry safety. 26% indicated confidence, while 11% are neutral. Based on the survey results, AFT-Fayette President Tega Toney feels that schools should wait to see the new county map on Saturday.

“I think as union members, we would like to see what the map holds for us on Saturday,” said AFT-Fayette President Tega Toney. “It seems like our cases are trending upwards, unfortunately, and we want to see if we are orange Saturday. I think that would be a good measure of where we have been and where we are and maybe could dictate what we do next week as far as student re-entry, and that would give us a more accurate picture.”

AFT-Fayette understands that there are challenges with remote learning, but wants students and staff to be safe with in-person learning.

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