Abstract painting class held at Southside Junction Tap House

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – After a year of no creative events, the Southside Junction Tap House was finally able to host Wild and Wonderful Paint Parties and the painting classes once more.

Sunday’s class was an abstract painting lesson geared toward beginners, where people who signed up to take the course came to learn how to paint a basic abstract work of art, while also enjoying the tap house’s beer and food selections. And everyone seemed happy to be able to safely paint together again.

“Last year everyone has been in front of screens more than we’ve ever been in our life, and I really feel like this is important to bring people together again through art and music, and culture, and finally in a safe distance to do something fun,” Kelly LaCava, Owner of Wild and Wonderful Paint Parties says. “It’s a bit of a relief.”
If you’re interested in participating in another upcoming step-by-step paint class, check out the taphouse’s Facebook page to find out more about them and when the next one will be.
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