A Mount Hope resident wants guardrail put up on road that sits on steep cliff

MOUNT HOPE, WV (WOAY) – A Mount Hope resident is asking for extra safety measures on a road that has a steep cliff.  

Resident Cynthia Hatcher said ever since the power company has chopped down trees along Sherwood Road there is nothing  preventing cars from sliding off the edge. She says she would like a guardrail to be built. According to Hatcher she has been in contact with the Division of Highways since last Fall she still hasn’t received any answers. 

“If the curve is slick and you cannot stop, before we had the trees if you came off the road and slide but now we don’t have that. We need a guardrail to cover these two curves to keep people from getting hurt and possibly getting killed,” Hatcher said. 

Hatcher says she hopes a guardrail will be put up soon because the road is especially dangerous during the winter months when the road is covered with ice. 

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