4-H moves to online format for summer season

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – 4-H camps across the state are not holding summer camps this year, but are instead doing activities online. 

The WVU Extension Service created a youth development program that connects 4-H goers online. This week the Mercer County 4-H camp is creating supply packets that they will deliver to campers to give them activities for the summer. 

“So we’re actually having these packets setup today. And parents registered them for the summer activity, and we’re going to deliver those to different parts of the county in a couple of weeks. And so kids will be able to pick that up, they’ll be able to do those activities online,” camp counselor Jordan Pruett said. 

The camp won’t be entirely online, the packet supplies give kids physical things to do as well, which is especially helpful if they don’t have easy access to the Internet. 

“So there’s some activities that we’ve prepped for the kids. And we’re trying to do a mixture of online and offline for those kids that may not have access to the Internet, and they can still participate in the 4-H program this summer.”

The Mercer County 4-H online camp isn’t exclusively available to youth in the area. Anyone in the state can still register for it. Camp will be held starting June 28th for older youth, and July sixth for younger youth. All of the activities this year are free as well. 

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