4/20 celebrations could be tempered by West Virginia’s marijuana laws

Saturday is 4/20 Day, a celebration of cannabis culture, the love of the flower and rallying for recreational legalization here in West Virginia.

“To us, it’s a day of more for the community, everybody gets together, they all enjoy everything; it’s kind of a bonding session really for everybody,” said Green Light Dispensary Beckley General Manager Andrew Smith. “You get to get some more insight on how people like the products and which ones work better for them.”

The challenge is that medical marijuana is still the only legal weed in the Mountain State.

“Because you have people that can’t smoke the marijuana due to lung issues,” Smith said he would like to be open to the edible solution — which is not possible because there are milligrams one has to decipher. “We stand where we stand (right now).”

Most shared how relaxed and chill smoking weed makes them feel, and exerts a profound sense of calm and camaraderie.

“It’s almost just a social thing, in my point of view anyways,” said Smith. “It’s almost the same as having a beer with your friends.”

Marijuana is more accepted than ever before, but on 4/20 Day the general manager says he looks forward to some things no longer standing in their way.

“Having these windows be unfrosted, and just opening the doors to anybody that’s above 21,” said Smith. “This is a very great industry and it can grow and grow and grow, as long as they let us. Honestly, just becoming rec would be the perfect day for me.”

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