2020 election affects kids with mental health disorders

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Presidential Election has affected all of us, including children. 

As election coverage continues, mental health experts are noticing high levels of stress among voters, which can rub off on others, especially children with mental health disorders.

“Depending how the parents react there is a lot of talk politically between the parties. There is a lot of name calling and bullying with adults right now then can show in children also,” Local advocate and mother of a child who suffers from mental health illness Sarah Tucker.

Tucker says it’s important to listen to your children during these hectic times. 

“The children are seeing their parents act that way. Kids all have a different view and then the name calling will start bullying each other.”

Another way to help kids who suffer from anxiety during this time is to limit the amount of election coverage they watch. 

“Don’t let them sit there and watch election stuff day in and day out. We don’t need to watch it day in and day out, we’re stressing ourselves, our kids and communities out,” Tucker said.  

To learn more facts about Children’s Mental disorders, you can visit here.

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