2017 Big Atlantic Classic Schedule

WOAY – The 2017 Big Atlantic Classic starts next week at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center. Check out the high school games taking place over the week. All times are approximate.

Monday, January 30

7:25 PM – Sherman vs. Greenbrier West (A Boys)

9:00 PM – Gilmer County vs. Midland Trail (A Boys)

Tuesday, January 31

7:25 PM – Wyoming East vs. Bluefield (AA Boys)

9:00 PM – Independence vs. Poca (AA Boys)

Wednesday, February 1

4:00 PM – A Boys consolation (Sherman/Greenbrier West vs. Gilmer County/Midland Trail)

5:30 PM – AA Boys consolation (Wyoming East/Bluefield vs. Independence/Poca)

7:20 PM – Wyoming East vs. George Washington (Girls)

9:00 PM – Oak Hill Academy vs. Blue Ridge (National Showcase)

Thursday, February 2

4:00 PM – Washington vs. St. Albans (Girls)

5:45 PM – Morgantown vs. Parkersburg (Girls)

7:25 PM – Greenbrier East vs. Woodrow Wilson (Girls)

9:00 PM – A Boys championship (Sherman/Greenbrier West vs. Gilmer County/Midland Trail)

Friday, February 3

2:00 PM – Girls consolation (Wyoming East/George Washington vs. Washington/St. Albans)

4:00 PM – University vs. Ripley (AAA Boys)

5:40 PM – Morgantown vs. Parkersburg (AAA Boys)

7:20 PM – Greenbrier East vs. Washington (AAA Boys)

9:00 PM – Woodrow Wilson vs. Princeton (AAA Boys)

Saturday, February 4

9:00 AM – Girls consolation (Greenbrier East/Woodrow Wilson vs. Morgantown/Parkersburg)

10:40 AM – AAA Boys consolation (Woodrow Wilson/Princeton vs. University/Ripley)

12:20 PM – AAA Boys consolation (Greenbrier East/Washington vs. Morgantown/Parkersburg)

2:00 PM – AA Boys championship (Wyoming East/Bluefield vs. Independence/Poca)

4:00 PM – Girls championship (Greenbrier East/Woodrow Wilson vs. Morgantown/Parkersburg)

5:40 PM – Girls championship (Wyoming East/George Washington vs. Washington/St. Albans)

7:20 PM – AAA Boys championship (Greenbrier East/Washington vs. Morgantown/Parkersburg)

9:00 PM – AAA Boys championship (Woodrow Wilson/Princeton vs. University/Ripley)

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