$152,000 returned to New River Health

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – The West Virginia Treasurer’s office has returned $152,000 in unclaimed property to New River Health.

The money comes from stale, dated checks that the state unclaimed property division was able to acquire.

“As CEO of New River Health, I find financial challenges a daily struggle. We provide care for thousands and employ 150 people. Income from patient services and grants rarely offset the costs we incur. Discovering how easy it was to file for unclaimed property from the State Treasurer’s Office was a bright spot in this ongoing challenge,” New River Health CEO John R. Schultz said. “I encourage business owners and individuals to file for unclaimed property, regardless of whether they think it might exist – New River Health is proof it is worth the time spent to investigate. Thank you to everyone in the State Treasurer’s Office who assisted us in receiving these unclaimed property claims.”

The treasurer’s office has over $430 million in unclaimed property. $8 million of that comes from Fayette County.

“Since the fiscal year began, my Office has returned more than $15.7 million worth of unclaimed property back to West Virginia citizens, businesses and organizations,” Treasurer Riley Moore said. “I am proud to reunite New River Health with their lost funds, and I encourage everyone to keep checking www.WVUnclaimedProperty.gov to see if you have money to claim.”

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