WVU Fans at the First Game of the Season

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA (WOAY)- West Virginia University travelled to the home of the Nittany Lions for the first game of the season. I got a chance to talk to fans about how they felt going into the game and how the day was going for them prior to kick off…

Ellie Keller: “Oh, I’m super hyped. I’m from here. But I graduated from WVU, so I’ve got a little bit of mixed, but definitely. Let’s go, mountaineers!”

Mark Fortina: “Very excited. I’m up here with my brother-in-law and other family. They’re Penn Staters. I’ve got a roommate from West Virginia that’s here. So, it’s going to be a mixed bag for us. Very excited to see the game. The last game, I was out for WVU and Penn State. WVU came out on top. So, we’ll keep our fingers crossed there.”

Keenan, Logan, and Elle: “It’s I like it. It’s real. It seems really fun. And I know that’s why it’s really cool. That’s why I think it’s going to be fun to have the experience and our childhood to be here for the game. I like it so far. This game”

One fan in particular happen to be … A former mountaineer player…

John Barton, Former WVU player: “Well, I’m excited about the game I played at West Virginia, and I miss that game. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but I played at West Virginia. So, I think it’s a great rivalry and I’m glad it’s back.”

One Penn State fan however thought a WVU win could come out of the game.

Muna Lentison: “I think West Virginia’s going to win because I feel like Penn State’s a little bit too confident. But I want Penn State to win.”

Overall Mountaineers and Penn Staters hoped for a win but admitted it could have been a win for either team. Either way both fans of each team of all ages were excited for the match up and enjoyed the day tailgating.

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