Women’s Expo (2024) returns to help women and more lead healthier lives

The Women’s Expo is back and bigger than ever, celebrating women and helping them live healthier, more productive and inspiring lives.

“Women take opportunity here and run with it, and that is always so exciting to see; you just have people flourish,” said Lola Rizer, assistant program director for Southern Communications.

Organizers are kicking off the Women’s Expo that started 26 years ago as a female-focused event and now is a full family experience.

WVU Medicine – Princeton Community Hospital has been a Women’s Expo participant for years and is proud to be a sponsor of the 2024 event.

“We’re glad to be back this year to spotlight the programs that we have not only for women but for men and children all throughout southern West Virginia and into the two Virginias,” said marketing assistant Sarah Pritchett.

This Bradley resident goes to the Women’s Expo just about every year.

“To see what kind of information that I can get to be helpful to me or someone else,” Rose Hicks said. “Health stuff or whatever I’ll take and give to others.”

Everybody looks forward to the Women’s Expo.

“We have grown now to over 155 vendors that will be here with us over the two days and it is the start of spring,” Rizer said.

While the event takes a lot of work to put together, Pritchett says it’s also rewarding.

“In the medical profession to be able to let people know the services that we have available and things that they can do maybe to take better care of themselves and improve their health and that of their loved ones,” the marketing assistant said.

According to Rizer, the event has everything from women-owned businesses to entrepreneurial, educational and financial opportunities, and you can just shop.

“This is just a great place to celebrate women, family, health, whatever it might be,” she said. “It’s at the Women’s Expo.”

*Friends of the Coal Ladies Auxiliary founder, Regina Fairchild was chosen as an inspiring woman, ‘Woman of the Year’ at an earlier ceremony.

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