With gas prices on the rise… AAA can help you save at the pump

Gas prices have been wavering for months. After BP’s announcement that their plant is going to be back online — that will hopefully alleviate some of what’s causing the rising prices.

West Virginia’s average gas price is $3.22; that’s 30 cents higher than a month ago. Same story nationally — this week it’s been sitting at $3.26.

With a combination of factors colliding… AAA’s public and government affairs manager, Lori Hawkins says the best thing we can do is try to get the most out of every gallon of gas. Start by using AAA or another app to locate the cheapest gas in your location. She says if your vehicle does not require premium gasoline, don’t pay it.

“Use the regular, it’s a lot less expensive and if you’re unsure check your owner’s manual,” Hawkins said. “Don’t just decide yourself that you should be putting premium gasoline into the tank, because unless your vehicle specifically requires it you’re wasting money unnecessarily.”

Keep on top of your regularly scheduled maintenance. According to Hawkins, when you have the proper pressure in your tires you’re going to get the most out of every gallon of gas.

“Air kind of expands and contracts, it does so in your tires as well,” she said. “So you’re going to see that tire pressure fluctuate. So you want to stay on top of that. Every little bit helps.”

Make sure you’re not hauling around anything extra.

“If you’ve got a lot of things in the trunk of your vehicle or the back cargo space, weekend’s over — maybe you had some sporting equipment or you had something in the back end, get that out now that you are commuting and going about your weekly activities,” said the public and government affairs manager. “There’s no sense of carrying more cargo than necessary.”

To save at the pump Hawkins said you can affect what you get out of that gallon of gas by your driving behaviors.

“Ensuring that they do not drive aggressively. That includes these hard stops and breaking in a hard acceleration and speeding. All of those not only put you and others on the roadway at risk but it also affects your miles per gallon.”

And don’t let yourself run out of gas. Never go below a quarter of a tank.

“It may be painful at the pump. If you’re thinking, ‘Well, if I wait a few days it’s going to go down possibly, a few pennies,’ Hawkins said. “But if you end up stranded on the roadside if you’re a AAA member of course we’ll come and help you if need be,” but the best thing and the safest thing is just not let yourself get into that situation.”

The public and government affairs manager says all of her tips can help you conserve…

“Kind of stretch that gallon of gas, so to speak so that you’re getting the most out of every fill-up,” said Hawkins.

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