What to Expect With The Quiet Weather Pattern

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): There are a few curve balls to keep in mind despite the tranquil weather pattern through Thursday, February 8.

Enjoy the break from the rain and snow (yay!) but don’t be surprised to see the following:

  1. Clear sky and a light wind will allow fog to develop near the river valleys.
  2. A clear sky, light wind and sub-freezing early morning temperatures will allow frost formation. Allow 1-2 minutes to warm up the car or scrape off the frost before work or school.
  3. Something we are not acclimated to following a cloudy January—sunglare. The sun being low in the eastern horizon at daybreak on the way to work and school and with the later sunsets (almost 6 p.m.), the sun will be low in the western horizon for the evening commute. It will be difficult to see if you travel “into the sun” so just pay extra attention to the traffic around you during those times.
  4. Pothole expansion: Standing water near secondary roads and sheltered parking lots will seep into the pavement, expand at night as water freezes and thaw during the day in the warmer temperatures. This freeze/thaw cycle will allow small potholes to expand in size and depth later in the week.
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