West Virginia Poison Center warns of potential poisons during the hottest time of year

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) — The heat of summer can lead to many risks. In addition to the risk for heat strokes, childhood death from being left in hot vehicles, and burns from touching hot playground equipment, the current heatwaves can be a poison risk as well.

Fun in the sun – While important to avoid sunburns, only apply sunscreen as directed. Do not use spray sunscreen on the face. For lip sun protection, use only sunscreen intended for lips. If someone gets a sunburn, keep topical pain relievers up and away from children.

Don’t let the bugs bite – Only use insect repellents meant for use on skin. Follow all labeled directions. Do not over-apply, more is not always better. Do not apply repellent to hands. Shower off repellent once you come inside.

Jump in the pool – Pools can help combat the heat, but it is important to be careful with pool chemicals. Be cautious when opening containers of chlorine. Do not lean over containers where the chemicals could be inhaled. Prepare pool chemicals in well-ventilated areas and only carefully mix and dilute chemicals when directed to do so on the label.

Keeping it cool – While eating in the heat, cold foods can quickly become warm. To avoid getting food poisoning, it is important to keep cold foods cold. Keep all cold food refrigerated or in a cooler with ice or an ice pack until ready to eat. Do not eat cold foods that have been left out for extended periods of time. Do not allow children to play with or chew on reusable ice packs. If an ice pack breaks or leaks, throw it away.

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