West Virginia Democratic Party responds to Fayette County Delegate quid pro quo sexual harassment allegations

Charleston, WV (WOAY) – The West Virginia Democratic party makes a statement in response to the sexual harassment allegations against Delegate Austin Haynes.

The party reports they were especially disturbed by Haynes’ assertion that this kind of thing “happens all the time” in Charleston.

“The allegation that legislators regularly offer support for legislation in exchange for sexual
favors is chilling and is the very definition of a quid pro quo. In addition, it is a direct violation of the oath of office that every legislator takes at the beginning of their legislative term.”

“These allegations impugn the entire legislature’s character and shake the people’s confidence in their elected representatives. That is why the West Virginia Democratic party is calling on Speaker Hanshaw to convene an independent investigation as quickly as possible.”

“All of us, regardless of party, should be united in condemning Delegate Haynes’ conduct towards this individual and investigating his disturbing assertion that trading legislative support for sex is common practice in the legislature. Delegate Haynes should be required to enumerate every instance of this behavior for which he has evidence.”


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