Waiters and waitresses feeling impacts when people don’t tip

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – As the country reopens, you may find yourself visiting restaurants again.

Local radio host Will Shumate wants to remind the public to be kind to your servers. His Facebook post went viral after a friend told him she was refused a tip because of her mask. While that server lives in Ohio, Shumate says he’s heard of it happening here, too.

“A lot of us have been through a whole lot the past few weeks, and we need to be more empathetic, you know, and show some love and concern and pull together,” said Shumate. “As you can tell by recent events, people are testy right now… I think we need to be more friendlier to people, especially wait staff.”

Most servers are paid less than minimum wage and rely on tips for their income.

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