Visit Fayetteville names winner of Wizard Weekend poster contest

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY)- Fayetteville’s Wizard Weekend started around 4 years ago and has only gotten bigger each year. For the past two years, they held a poster design contest to help promote and fund the magical event and give locals a chance to show their best artistic spells in designing a poster.

Carter Reid, a student at Oak Hill High School and the Fayette Institute of Technology, was the winner of this year’s contest. The announcement was made on their Facebook page. Reid had expressed his gratitude for being selected for this as he loves going to Fayetteville’s Wizard Weekend each year.

Reid explains what inspired him to make his poster.

“What inspired me like to kind of make it that way is I feel like I wanted to incorporate the town of Fayetteville a little bit more and with the way it was and last year’s poster that the trees were in front of all the buildings and all the infrastructure, and kind of mixed it up,” explained Reid. “I threw a bunch of different stuff everywhere. I kind of made it a sunset instead of a blue sky. I like the way it pieced together. It really looked like the town of Fayetteville and it kind of brought in Fayette County as kind of a whole with the bridge and the valleys and the buildings of how kind of historic it is.”

This is the second year they held the contest but the first year they specifically invited students from the Fayette Institute of Technology (FIT) to be the entrants. The Executive Director of Visit Fayetteville explains why they started the contest and why this year partnered with FIT to have their students in this contest.

“We were looking for a way to kind of get the word out about the event, and we had people asking about how they could have a souvenir for the event. So, we started doing the posters. So, this year we reached out to the Fayette Institute of Technology media students, and we ran a contest with them, and they just really presented some amazing posters for it,” said Tabitha Stover, the Executive Director of Visit Fayetteville. “They did such a great job and it’s really important to us to have local youth involved and the events that we do. So, my plan is to go back to them and hope that they’re willing to do it next year. I feel like they’re a great fit for designing that and I’m hoping we can kind of do more partnerships with them. To have so many talented kids right here in our backyard. Why would we not take advantage of that?”

The posters will be available to purchase for 10 dollars each during the wizarding weekend.

For more information on the event, please visit the link below.

WIZARD WEEKEND GUIDE – Visit Fayetteville WV

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