Town of Gary’s police force receives CB radio donation

GARY, WV (WOAY) – The town’s police force recently received a donation of CB radios to use in their squad cars. 

Before the donation, the town only had one cruiser with a CB radio, which they used to communicate with other services like ambulances. The Gary Chief of Police S.P. McKinney says it’s the beginning of making the town’s police force more community-oriented. 

“We are going to try to get automatic electric defibrillators put in our police cars. We are gonna start helping ambulances where we can about lifting patients and the things that we can do ahead of time before the ambulance gets there. The mayor wants the Gary Police Department to become a community-oriented police department and be there for the citizens of Gary,” McKinney said.

The radios were donated by a coal trucking company that wished to go unnamed. 

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