Tips to save money at the pump with post winter storm gas prices

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – In light of last weeks winter storm gas prices across the United States have been on the rise.

The reason is because of the shutdown of the Midwest and Gulf Coast refineries due to the heavy snow and ice which reduced supply forcing prices to increase.

“So if we are doing a weekly comparison gas prices are about seven cents higher in West Virginia,” said AAA Spokeswoman Jenifer Moore. “More specifically if you are looking at Beckley gas prices are about nine cents higher compared to last week.”

Fortunately AAA does offer a way for you to view the average gas prices in your area by visiting so you can see where to get the best price. AAA also recommends to conserve your gas by combining your errands into a single trip.

“Combine your trips so you are not driving all over the place,” Moore said. “We are coming up on the weekend, if it’s Saturday run all your errands in the morning that way you don’t have to drive anywhere on Sunday or Monday as well. Really combine those errands so that you are not using more gas than necessary.”

Even though we are beginning to near the end of the winter season AAA still recommends to keep a half to a full tank of gas in your car.

“Why because you could get stranded based on the weather elements and we don’t want you to run out of gas and have to endure the cold and be cold in your car,” Moore said. “We really really urge you, no matter what you do, to always keep a half tank of gas in your car.”

Moore also said that AAA offers a rewards program through Shell gas stations that you can sign up for on

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