The Historic Fayette Theater Opens Its Fall Show

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY)- The stage is set at the Historic Fayette Theater in downtown Fayetteville for their fall production. They are putting on Pat Cook’s comedy “The Hitchin Post.” But what is this play about? Well in his own way cast member Logan Kidd explains…

“I would say just kind of a series of unfortunate events that snowball in the chaos because it starts very innocently, it’s just a convenience store, you know, mom and pop. And just a bunch of people start walking in some people are there because they’re local, you know, they’re just doing their regular shopping and then some of us are just passing through. And when we all intersect, it just gets out of hand very quickly.”

But why such a unique play? Director Cindy White wants to families to be able to come and enjoy the show together.

“So we usually choose plays that are theater, they’re family friendly. And we’ve seen that our audiences do prefer comedies or musicals. So we try to do those as often as we can seems to be what the community likes to see.”

Though cast member Nathan Bloomfield hopes audiences leave the theater after the show with something he got out of doing theatre.

“The takeaway I want when people come and see the hitching post is a takeaway that I had from a show a few years ago when I was just a technician doing lights and sound. And that takeaway, just the absolute love of theater, the idea of people just coming in together and making a little family because we were clearly a family who works together and just wants to make people laugh, have fun, experience a little bit of drama, maybe a little bit of sadness to the experience that I want people to take away is just how fun and energetic theater really is. It’s just so much fun. It’s how I love this so much other people love it too.”

Overall, the cast and crew at the Historic Fayette Theater are excited to bring good laughs and good times to audiences with their fall production of “The Hitchin Post.”

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